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a little about my work and experience

I began working and learning the in the field of natural health in 2009 when I started a job at a local tea house in Calgary Alberta. I was inspired by vast health properties of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) and how I felt my health had changed over the year that I worked there. I travelled to Victoria, BC to study Herbal Medicine at Pacific Rim College in 2011 and graduated with a Diploma of Phytotherapy in 2014. After school I had the opportunity to work at Finlandia Pharmacy in Vancouver BC, where I learned about the world of integrative health care and witnessed herbal medicine being used in a new and progressive way I had never seen before. In the herbal dispensary at Finlandia Pharmacy, herbalists and staff create a variety of natural products, ranging from topical to internal, cosmetic to medical and from pure botanical to mixed medicinal compounds. I became a member of the American Herbalist Guild in 2017 after completing the practice and mentorship hour requirements.

I have a diverse interest in the world of health and healing, and I have pursued some additional studies in Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and traditional European medicine also known as Greco-Roman medicine. One of the beauties of researching I try to incorporate apply all modalities as well as scientifically based information to create a holistic treatment plans for her clients. Devan has always had an interest in nutrition and quality foods, she did some study of holistic nutrition and Chinese diet therapy through her degree at Pacific Rim College. Devan has been working in food services for the last 10 years and has the opportunity to work with chefs from all backgrounds of classical to alternative and nutritional based practices.

Continuing Education

As a registered herbal therapist there is a requirement to stay up to date on herbal medicine and to participate in continuing education throughout your career. I have travelled to see herbal medicine speakers in Oregon, Washington and on Vancouver Island. Additional to my herbal medicine studies at Pacific Rim College, I choose to include Qi Gong, Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Shi Liao (TCM diet therapy) and classes on 5 element theory to my studies for an alternate field of thought in regards to healing.

Whenever I travel to other countries, I make sure to spend sometime interacting with the local herbal medicine and healing culture. In my time spent in Peru in 2012 I worked with Shamans in the Andes around their alternative healing practices. Whilst travelling in Europe in 2016, I visited the medical school campus in South Amsterdam and took some time to tour their medical museum while I was there. Afterward I travelled to Switzerland where I saw many Eclectic pharmacies with their traditional percolation and titration equipment on display with original texts of medicinal arts from the region. It is and has always been important to me to learn from as many traditions as possible. The way that we interact with and have evolved with our environment is the basis of all our ancient and traditional knowledge of healing medicines and foods.Staying educated on how a culture interacts with a certain herbal medicine can also help you learn to respect the nature of the plants and their environments that we should strive to protect.


Articles on Phytotherapy Defined

    It is important to recognize the balance in life, extremes even in the best intentions can have a negative impact on health

      Protect your energy, this includes taking care of your mental health; herbs can only do so much when faced against your own mind.

      Scientific research and exploration is a language we are attempting to use to explain/”prove” what we already know and see in nature. Many traditions have ways of explaining the phenomena of natural healing, that have existed for millenia before the era of information came along. Neither are perfect systems and neither should be subjected to the duality of right or wrong.